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shutterstock_422080087With so many topics to cover in the addiction field these days and so many victims of this horrific epidemic to help we must create resources and plans to stay focused on the solution.

Some topics that will be covered in this blog are the following:

  • Preventative measures for young adults to limit their potential of addiction. This can be seen on a community level or within a family dynamic
  • Up to date Health insurance information, as this industry changes daily. For someone struggling from addiction this often is the difference between getting the quick effective help they need or not.
  • Resources for addicts to help them recover such as new treatments, medications, facilities, spiritual practices, etc
  • Recovery related events or seminars

We at Alignment Addiction Recovery Group are dedicated to helping addicts recover from their addictions and guide them to finding purpose in their life’s journey. We believe life is all about the journey and to begin the healing you can not have enough support, encouragement and resources.

I hope you are as excited as we are about being able to make a difference in this time of crisis in our nation.

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