Pre Treatment Assessment

AARG provides assessments to addicts or their family helping them understand how addiction treatment can best be implemented in their situation.  Become informed and feel confident with the process of getting help. We will do the legwork for you. Our unbiased and unaffiliated method of treatment placement is the most individualized and productive process in the substance abuse treatment industry.


Addicts often don’t realized they have a problem or that their life has become  mismanaged. An intervention is the time to shed light on the reality of the situation and provide healthy options and boundaries to the addict with the help of a professional. Let us help you guide the person you care about to the help they need. We are prepared and available to help you now.

Court Advocacy

Let us guide you through the criminal justice system. As an addict is possible to be sentenced to treatment in lieu of jail time.


Know what to expect from your insurance company and providers before you begin the process. If you don’t have insurance you may qualify to obtain it prior to getting help. Independently affiliated insurance brokers are available to assist your needs.

Sober Companion

One-on-one tailored support to assist in a productive balanced life. Relearn how to enjoy life’s activities and have fun doing it.

Some daily skills you will learn include:

  • accountability
  • goal setting
  • relationship skills
  • rebuilding friendships
  • planning and scheduling
  • productivity
  • time management
  • trust

Life Coach (mentoring, accountability through daily or weekly calls)

Stay accountable with daily, weekly or monthly mentoring calls that keep you on track with your personal goals.

Addiction therapy

Independently affiliated, licensed therapists available now.

Accountability, Processing, Family sessions; Skype, phone or in person.

Family advocacy – education and information for addicts family’s

Addiction affects the whole family and while an addict is healing the family should be doing the same.

Transition support- Productively Follow Your facility discharge plan

This is the most crucial time for staying clean and sober, maximize your potential and get all the support you need. AARG has helped hundreds of people through this process to ensure your sobriety and sanity remain intact.

Community Outreach – our speaking engagements make a lasting impression

We have spoken to families; groups at high school assembly’s, municipal forums, treatment staff and recovery related tradeshows to educate audiences on specifically tailored topics. These topics include substance abuse prevention, family dynamics with addicts, education on affective intervention programs, productive treatment facility management for staff, city/town educational meetings.