Intervening with adolescents in school


Life can be a difficult balancing act. There is no manual for success, just practice and perseverance. Failure, mistakes and regret are part of life. The faster you can get back up and stay on the course the faster you will achieve your goals.

Below is an article I came across that does a very nice job of presenting a program that can be utilized by school districts in hopes that it will help kids who are beginning the early stages of addiction. I don’t think anyone would be surprised to find that the earlier an individual begins experimenting with substances the more likely they are to become an addict in life. The substance abuse issue with adolescents has become too prevalent and is no longer being swept under the rug as much or viewed as a “phase” that a teenager will grow out of after school years. The fact is that drug now a days are very dangerous and very addictive. We are seeing staggering amounts of opiates in schools. Anyone who has worked professionally with a teenager knows that it is very difficult to get through to them on certain levels. The best ways can be found with education, options, and positive examples.  These all lead to an individual choosing his/her own path which when given healthy information and options turns out to be productive. Yes  an abrasive, misunderstood, know it all teenager should be nudged into a program as described in the article if they are exhibiting high risk behaviors in school. Often we find that these nudges are often occurring anyway in the form of detentions, suspensions and expulsions to name a few school type punishments. If in these early stages of “consequences,” as then administration would call it, a student can be reached with productive information them perhaps their life could be turned around before it gets too off kilter.

Here is the article

Identifying Early Substance Use and Risk in School Settings



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