• Educate yourself about treatment facilities and modalities. Use us as a supportive resource to help with researching appropriate facilities for the individual at risk. We will help research available options, narrow choices, gauge willingness of the participant, and plan admit or intervention date.
  • AARG has seen many addicts’ get clean in their own home. We can give you the helpful tips to get prepared and follow through with getting clean with the help of a local medical professional.

AARG has seen many addicts get clean in their home….

All the following are not definite signs of an addict in his/her addiction but are common: Changes in behavior or attitude, changes in usual activities or schedule, missing functions i.e. work, school, family functions, disheveled appearance, sudden weight loss, change in friend group

  • If you are concerned someone close to you has a problem with addiction let him or her know you are there for him/her when needed. If you are a concerned parent who needs to know if your son/daughter is using drugs it is recommended to drug test them.  It may be wise to have a plan in place prior to the drug test so if it is positive you can act accordingly. You can purchase a urine drug test at most drug stores.


This is one of the first questions asked when AARG begins the process of workings with a client to get clean/sober. We are experts in helping clients overcome barriers to get clean and sober.

  • There are no set figures on how inexpensive or costly getting clean and sober needs to be but it can be as affordable as needed or very luxurious or over the top.  What we see at AARG is that the less expensive options to get clean take much more willingness on the part of the addict. This does not mean such options are ineffective. It means an addict will need to personally desire to change more than if he/she were in a plush comfortable setting.


  • Factors include personal willingness, insurance coverage, court constraints, family obligations, and physical location just to name a few.