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Everyday at Alignment Addiction Recovery Group, we are contacted by a family who is trying to get someone they care about into treatment for drugs. Time is always of the essence, financial resources are usually an issue and often there are even barriers when it comes to leaving the state or county due to being involved in court issues.

When we receive a call we will assess each individual situation and provide options regarding what could potentially work in that instance for that client. The information we see being presented out in the real world is generally heavily influenced by marketing and not very informative or detailed. Here is a recent article we stumbled across:

10 Best Ways to Choose Addiction Rehab Center

I don’t know this website or the author but I would bet this person has brief experience with treatment due to the terms used and topics listed.

This tends to be the type of education and information available to people who are trying to find help quickly and efficiently to save a life. We find articles like these everyday and they tend to be more focused on ad sales (notice the ad in the middle of the article) than with factual helpful information that could be useful to someone in need.

If you are reading this because you need guidance or information on treatment or anything to do with getting or staying clean please contact us. Also, check out yesterday’s blog which covered a page from our website that directly speaks in depth to anyone considering attending rehab. It also lists the MUST KNOW questions before arriving. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.



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